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Events in rome center.

Rome, the capital of Italy, is famous not only for its beauty but also for the incredible events that take place in its nightclubs. 

Among the events in the most famous clubs of Rome center there is definitely the one organized by the Notorious Club Roma.

The Notorious Club Roma is one of the most famous discos that organize events and that for over 40 years welcomes dancers and dancers from all over the capital and beyond.

Right in the center of Rome, near via veneto, the famous street of Rome, stands the Notorious.

Events in Rome center

If you are looking for a nightclub to organize your club  in the center of Rome, you can not choose the Notorious and its sparkling notes.

The Notorious offers ample space, great music. You can also organize private events by contacting the number or writing to the appropriate email.

Organizing an event in the center of Rome has never been easier thanks to the presence of the famous Notorious.

If you are a Clubber, a lover of music and events in the Roman premises of central Rome you can not miss the famous Notorious in Via Veneto in the middle of the Roman city, home to famous hotels and luxurious restaurants.

House music, electronic, pop, commercial, so on and so forth, Roman nights all pass through the Notorious.

The Notorious is an elegant venue, suitable for the young – young adult.

There is a selection at the entrance so you need to dress properly.

The restaurant presents an elegant environment, many neon lights and is the expression of the Roman dolce vita par excellence, together with Jackie O’.